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Reserved Lawn Seating

Reserved Lawn Seating

Want to know all the ins and outs of being a Reserved Lawn Seat Holder? Make sure to thoroughly read through this entire page to find out what the Reserved Lawn Section is all about. Don’t have time to read through everything? Download the full Reserved Lawn Guide at the bottom of this page to take it with you wherever you go.

General Campsite

General Camping: Includes (1) campsite in either the North Campgrounds (across the street from the concert grounds) or South Campgrounds (same side as concert grounds). Please note these campsites DO NOT have electricity. Remember that all campsites include (1) Parking Pass (for your vehicle), (1) Camper Pass (for whatever you will be sleeping in), and (1) Campground Access Pass. Only one vehicle, one sleeping unit (tent, RV, etc.), and up to six people are allowed on one campsite.


March 5th


Reserved Lawn

Reserved Lawn Wristband: Includes (1) 3-Day Admission to the Concert Grounds for the entire festival with preferred seating in the Reserved Lawn Section. This section is located directly behind the VIP seating and includes the same-numbered chair every day. This means no more staying up all night and waiting at the gates’ chair line to get into the concert grounds first. Leave your chair there every night and it will be waiting for you the next morning. Best of all: you get to take your chair with you at the end of the festival!


March 5th


Electric Campsite

Electric Camping: Includes (1) Campsite in rows M 1-60, N 1-60, and O 1-60 in the South Campgrounds, and rows GIL & HAL in the North Campgrounds. These campsites will have (1) 30 AMP and (1) 15 AMP available. 50 AMP is available for additional $50. Please remember that all campsites include (1) Parking Pass (for your vehicle), (1) Camper Pass (for whatever you will be sleeping in), and (1) Campground Access Pass. Only one vehicle, one sleeping unit (tent, RV, etc.), and up to six people are allowed on one campsite.


March 5th



Get A Better Sense of Where You’re At

Thinking you’d like to try out the Reserved Lawn Seats but not sure where you want to sit? Have your seats but don’t remember where they are in in comparison to the stage? Take a look at the map to see where you’re sitting!


VIP & Reserved Lawn Renewals are a little bit tricky to understand sometimes, but we’re here to help make the process go smoothly.
Take a look below to make sure you understand the process of how it works.

Reserved Lawn Renewals

Can I purchase my campsites with my tickets, or just my Reserved Lawn Seats?

You are able to renew all your campsites along with your reserved lawn seats, as well as grab any additional camp access passes and parking that you may need. If you want to get any additional campsites, though, you will need to purchase those after our Club Card sales.

I am no longer able to come to Rock Fest and would like to put my reserved lawn seats in someone else’s name. Is that possible?

The only way you are able to put tickets into someone else’s name is if they are an immediate family member. You may not give tickets to friends or distant relatives. You must be able to show proof of immediate family members at the VIP Booth when you renew your tickets. Proof includes drivers’ license and marriage certificates.

What are the VIP Booth Hours?

VIP Booth Hours are Wednesday from 5:00PM-9:00PM. Thursday from 11:00AM-11:00PM. Friday from 11:00PM-9:00PM. Saturday from 3:00PM-9:00PM.

What happens if I don’t renew my seats on time?

Those tickets not renewed by Friday at 9:00PM will become available for the public to purchase at the VIP Booth at 3:00PM on Saturday of the festival.

When Can I Renew My Rock Fest Seats For 2021?

We will be opening phone renewals for Rock Fest 2021 prior to Rock Fest 2020. Renew before Rock Fest so you don’t have to waste time standing in line at Fest. During the renewal process, you can request moving up rows closer to the stage or closer to the aisle. Staff will begin moving seats as requested (if better seats are available) on Saturday of the festival beginning with Row 1, to Row 2, Row 3, moving back. At 3:00 p.m., all open Reserved Lawn seats will be available for purchase.

When do I have to renew my Reserved Lawn Seats by?

You must renew your tickets by Friday at 9:00PM.

Where can I renew my Reserved Lawn Seat?

You can renew over the phone by calling our office (Dates to be announced) before Rock Fest 2020 or at the VIP Booth, located next to Radio Row in the Concert Grounds, Wednesday, July 15-Friday, July 17.

Planning Your Rock Fest Adventure With Friends?

Sometimes it’s easier to have everything right in front of you when you’re planning for a large group. Here is a downloadable PDF that includes everything you need to know for VIP, so that you can print it out to have everything at the tip of your fingers as you’re planning Rock Fest 2020.

Reserved Lawn Guide