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Wristband FAQS

Can I pay for food and drinks with my wristband?

Yes and no. If you sign up for the cashless option as you register your wristband, you will be able to pay for all beverages (beer, drinks, soda & water) and whatever you purchase at the pizza & pop tents by scanning your wristband. You can also use it at the Shirt Shop. Cashless is NOT accepted at all vendors. Some vendors will accept cashless, while others are credit or cash, only. There are ATMs available throughout the concert grounds. More information regarding which vendors will be cashless will be available closer to the festival.

Can I switch my 3-Day GA wristband or Reserved Lawn wristband into three individual daily wristbands so I have one for each day?

Nope. Only VIP gets the option of individual-day wristbands, and they have to indicate this prior to placing the order.

Can I switch my 3-Day VIP wristband into three individual daily wristbands?

Nope. You only have the option to do this as you place the initial order. This option cannot be switched after the order is placed. Also, there is an $8 fee with each wristband.

Do I have to register my wristband?

You are required to register your wristband for these reasons: 1) Wristband registration protects you in case it is lost, stolen, damaged, or if it (unlikely) stops working. Only the person who registers their wristband or the original purchaser can be issued a replacement. We don’t know it’s yours unless it’s registered. Register it to avoid having to buy an entirely new wristband. 2) Only valid, authentic wristbands will be able to be registered, so you’ll know right away that your wristband works. 3) Everyone who registers their wristband will be automatically entered to win prizes. 4) Only registered wristbands will be able to utilize the super-convenient cashless option! Cashless is great ‘cause you don’t have to carry a wallet/cash around. Who wants to lose their wallet/credit card? No one. You’d be amazed by the stack of credit cards we find laying on the grounds during the festival. Go cashless.

How do I register my wristband?

It’s so easy, just click here!

I don’t think I received the correct items. How do I double-check my order?

Refer to your original receipt (sent via email) that you should have received upon placing your order. Double-check all of the items that you ordered there. If there is a discrepancy, please call our office at 800.326.FEST. Remember that all campsites come with one Campground Access Pass, one vehicle parking sticker, and one camping unit sticker.

I got my wristband in the mail! Can I put it on?

NO! Once the wristband is tightened, it cannot be loosened. Please wait until you’re on your way to the festival to put your wristband on. If you have curious children or animals, be sure to store your wristbands in a safe place to avoid paying any replacement fees.

I haven’t received my wristbands and the festival is getting closer.

Once your order ships, you should receive tracking information delivered as an email to whichever email address you use to place your order. If the festival is two weeks or less away and you still haven’t received any tracking information, please call our office at 800.326.FEST. We will look up your order and help you out!

I placed multiple orders but only received one so far. What’s up?

If you placed orders in different transactions, they will arrive at different times. The only time to worry is if your order hasn’t arrived within two weeks before the festival. If that’s the case, please call our office from 8am-4:30pm CST at 800.326.FEST.

My wristband got wet. Will it still work?

Yep! The RFID chip inside your wristband is waterproof, so no worries.

Oops… I already put my wristband on. Now what?

You have two options: wear it every day until the festival arrives and be the coolest person you know, or replace it for $35. If you need it replaced, send the wristband along with a $35 check prior to the festival. Our address here is 24447 County Highway S, Cadott, WI 54727. Only the original purchaser of the wristband is able to receive a replacement. All wristbands needing to be replaced will be deactivated.

What if I’m planning to move before my wristbands and passes arrive in my mail?

Once you know your new address, please update it in the system ASAP by logging into you account. Visit www.seetickets.us and use the same email address you used when placing the order.

When will my wristbands arrive?

Wristbands and passes will start shipping early spring of 2019. Orders may not ship right away. However, if you haven’t received it by July 1st, give us a call and we’ll track it down for you, since there’s an RFID chip in each wristband. Please be sure to update your shipping address if you plan on moving at www.seetickets.us.

Where is Will Call?

Will Call is located at the main entrance gates—just follow appropriate signs. Make sure to have your ID ready when you’re picking up any Will Call orders. The gate workers will match your ID to the appropriate order.