Are there shuttles available for us staying at hotels?

Take a look at the shuttle information located here.

Can I just drive from my hotel?

Certainly! Just make sure you have a parking pass for the weekend or day you plan on coming, and you will be able to parking in our general parking area which is located right outside of the concert grounds.

I don’t want to camp. Are there hotels nearby I can stay at?

The nearest hotels are about 20 minutes away, but you can absolutely book yourself a room. Visit this page to view our partnering hotels, and purchase a weekend shuttle pass ($40 for the entire weekend) to eliminate having to get behind the wheel to get out here.

The shuttle times don’t coincide with the time I am arriving to my hotel. Are there means of transportation besides the shuttle?

You can certainly Uber or Lyft out here! Just download the app and schedule your ride.


How To Purchase a Shuttle Wristband

Shuttle wristbands will be fulfilled from our office and mailed to you. We recommend you purchase your shuttle wristband with your tickets to avoid paying shipping fees again.

 Step 1-A. Book your hotel room at any of our partnering hotels. The shuttles will be taking guests to and from these hotels, only.

 Step 1-B. If you live locally or are staying at a non-participating hotel and want to catch a shuttle, your option is to purchase a Walk-Up shuttle wristband. Our walk-up hotel is Metropolis Resort, ONLY; all walk-ups must be on-time to departing shuttles and follow the same rules as guests staying at participating hotels.  

Step 2: Purchase your Rock Fest tickets, campsites & any add-ons you need. Shuttle wristbands are located under the Add-Ons tab. Each wristband is good for one person for the entire weekend and is non-refundable. Reminder, you MUST be staying at one of the participating hotels below to ride the Fest Hotel Shuttle.

 Step 3. Bring your shuttle wristband with you to the participating hotel and present it to the front desk upon arrival. Don’t forget this wristband at home, or you will have to show proof of original purchase and pay a $40 replacement fee. (no exceptions, so remember your shuttle wristband!)

 Step 4. Sign up for a departure time at the front desk. Timeslots are first-come, first served, and will include a ride back from the Rock Fest grounds at the end of the night. Times of pick-up will be approximately 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We will be posting a more-specific schedule closer to the festival.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for being on time to the shuttle. Please be ready in the front lobby fifteen minutes prior to scheduled shuttle times. Shuttle drivers, the hotel, and Rock Fest are not responsible for missed departures. All tickets are roundtrip and good for the entire festival; you cannot purchase a one-day or one-way rides. Wristbands are non-refundable.

Local Walk-Up Fest Goers

Anyone who is a local Fest’er is more than welcome to purchase a Shuttle A wristband, and use our Metropolis Resort location to hitch a shuttle ride to the Rock Fest grounds. Please remember that Metropolis Resort is the ONLY walk-up location. Other participating hotels do not allow walk-ups, and you will be responsible for purchasing the correct type of wristband for this shuttle (Shuttle A wristband). Refunds are not available.