Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Hailing from the colorful and music-inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes the unique blend of Metal/Rock/Goth/Industrial that is Gabriel and the Apocalypse. The band delivers a fierce yet beautiful array of female-fronted aggression that will give its predecessors a run for their money.


In regards to the new album, vocalist Lindy Gabriel says, “The Ghost Parade is a concept record that brings you on a music roller coaster ride. From in your face songs, like ‘March of the Dolls,’ to stripped down emotional songs, like ‘Behind the Sun,’ this record still maintains a taste of the usual GATA anthems on politics and world issues, but, as a whole, it is more personal. I feel as a writer and lyricist it is more abstract and poetic. I feel more exposed and vulnerable. It’s honest. It flows and twists through different waves and moods from beginning to end.”


The Ghost Parade was recently released by Pavement Entertainment, and the band has just completed its new video and single “Thrill of the Kill.” Gabriel and the Apocalypse will embark on a full tour this June and July with Wednesday 13.


Lindy Gabriel – Vocals

Jake LaCore – Guitar

Figgles McGee – Synths/Samples

Joey Connelly – Guitar

Zach – Williams – Drums