Stone Type Pilots

A re-creation of the hard rock powerhouse quartet of the 90’s focusing on the Scott Weiland era. Each member has duplicated the sights and sounds of the original performers gathering on years of influence and experience.

John Sonnek – Lean vocals
Scott Weiland was an early influence both vocally and as a performer. John commands the stage and transports the audience on a journey through the peaks and valleys of a true authentic STP show from beginning to end.

Craig Life – Guitar
Duplicating the guitar tones and dynamic, melodic riffs of Dean Deleo. Re-creating the most authentic tones with a Les Paul and Marshall just like the original live shows.

John Howalt – Bass/Backing vocals
Intricate note for note bass lines carry the bottom framework of the melodies along with pristine harmonies just like brother Robert Deleo.

Dan Heckman – Drums
A solid powerful Bonham-esque like backbone drives the band through the performance as Danny channels Eric Kretz.