Strate Jak It is a six-piece thrash-metal/rap-core band hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota. Strate Jak It has been playing an important part of the Mid-West regional rock music scene since 1997. The band brings a uniquely fresh perspective to today’s nu-metal music by blending a fusion of metal, rap, thrash and hip-hop with an aggressive, in your face style. Strate Jak It’s tight, flawless performances are evidence of the chemistry and musicianship among Strate Jak It’s members.

Strate Jak It releases include: The Padded Cell (1999), Reckless Abandon (2001), Left for Dead (2010), Living on Borrowed Time (2012) and Blood Stained Canvas (2015). Strate Jak It is currently in the planning stages of a new full length album due to hit the charts in late 2018.

To date, some of Strate Jak It’s highlights include: repeat appearances and winners of the 93X battle of the bands, Rock Fest 2016, repeat sold-out performances at Minneapolis’ famed First Avenue Nightclub and performances with international and national acts such as: Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Powerman 5000, Mushroomhead, American Head Charge, MTV’s Bam Margera, Primer 55 and Hed PE.  The band has been featured as on-air guests at Minneapolis’ Radio Giant 93X and has received press attention from top regional sources including The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The City Pages, and The Pulse.  Strate Jak It has also been highly successful in self-funded/self-promoted annual events “Summer Sand Storm”, “Winter Snow Storm” and “River Rage”.

Strate Jak It strives to bring something unique to their fans in everything they do and will continue to be a driving force of innovation through hardcore music for years to come. Keep in tune with Strate Jak It online for updated tour dates, new information, new music and merchandise.