Revenant Soul

Revenant Soul is a hard rock/metal band based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. The initial formation of the band came together in late 2017, when founding guitarist, Casey Weishaar, and drummer, Nicholas Wahi, were first introduced through the band’s original vocalist. After one fluid jam, Nick was on board to man the drums.

Shortly thereafter, guitarist Danny Lee Jorgenson entered the fold through mutual friends and immediately clicked with the group. After a couple of rehearsals, it was clear that Danny was the perfect complement to Casey on guitar.

After carving out multiple original songs, the group still found themselves in need of a bassist. Then early one morning, Casey received a message from a friend and fellow musician, asking if he currently had anything in the works musically. After a few messages were exchanged, bassist Joe Bjornrud’s name was mentioned. Within one day’s time, the two were in contact with one another and had set up their initial meeting, which led to Joe filling the position after a stellar audition.

At this point, the band’s founding vocalist needed to be replaced. The first name that came to mind was Greyson Serie, as he had previously played in a band with Joe and was already friends with Danny. Once they all got in the same room together, the musical chemistry was undeniable. From then on, they decided to push forward and emerge, as the Revenant Soul!