Mouthz of Dirt

Mouthz of Dirt is a high energy hip-hop live band with touches of Rock and Reggae all wrapped up into a beautiful musical package. M.o.D. comes from the Twin Cities Minnesota in the heart of the Midwest. M.o.D. features Vicious from Nuisance, Toxsick Trip from Blue Felix and Haley Jane on all vocals. Between the three they combine as an unstoppable machine of lyrics and live energy. The band consists of Richard Fisher on drums, Matt Jaques on bass, and D.J. Switch all from the band Nuisance. Mouthz of Dirt has played with Warren G, 36 Mafia and many other hip-hop groups. Mouthz of Dirt has a unique sound and look which fits any style of music it’s paired with. Mouthz of Dirt has put out an E.P. “Sounds of the Alley way”. They have also shot a video.