Bleak Sabbath

Born out of a mutual desire to pay tribute to the heaviest band to ever stomp the Earth, Bleak Sabbath was formed one night in February, 2018 when four talented musicians met at an open mic to play a few Black Sabbath songs and “see what happens.” What happened was something unexpected; something bigger than four individuals. What happened is Bleak Sabbath.

Focusing on “the Ozzy years,” Bleak Sabbath give their audience the classics they love, such as “Paranoid” and “Iron Man,” but also like to delve a little deeper, bringing them songs like “Junior’s Eyes” and “Back Street Kids” that may be less familiar, but no less worthy of recognition. And they’re just fun to play.

Bleak Sabbath is Kelly Hooey (Guitars), Pico the Bass Demon (Bass), Robert Luna (Drums), Brian Maxwell (Vocals, Harmonica).