The next best thing to VIP, and you even get to keep the chair!


  • $250.00 7/19/13 - 2/21/14
  • $260.00 2/22/14 - 4/22/14
  • $270.00 4/23/14 - 7/15/14
  • $300.00 7/16/14 Gate Price (Includes Tax)

Our Reserved Lawn Chair Seating area is located directly behind our VIP seating area. Just like our VIP Tickets, the Reserved Seats will be renewable by the purchaser only at the fest from Wednesday through Friday until 9:00 pm. Then on Sunday, all the open Reserved Seats will be available for sale. Now, here’s what you’ll get with the Reserved Seat Tickets:You will get same numbered chair every day so no more staying up all night, waiting in the lawn chair line at the gates to get in the concert area first, you will already be in there with your chair.

  • It’s the very next best seating to VIP seating.
  • You get to leave your chair there every night and it will be waiting for you when ever you’d like to sit in it the next day, no one else can sit in your chair.
  • You get to keep the lawn chair after the fest.
  • We will assign the seats as they are ordered, so the earlier you call, the better seats you get.

When you arrive at the Entrance Gate, you will be asked for your Reserved Lawn Ticket. The attendant will tear the top portion off in exchange for your 4 Day General Admission Armband and give the bottom portion of your Reserved Lawn Ticket back to you. Your 4 Day arm band will allow you access to the concert area through any gate. After entering the concert area, you can go to the VIP Ticket Booth (which is located to the right of the stage and is clearly marked as the VIP Booth) and exchange the Reserved Lawn portion (bottom portion) of your ticket for your 4 Day Reserved Lawn arm band. All Orders, Add Sales Tax of 5.5% Add Handling Fee of $8.50 per order We now offer Certified Mail for an extra $10.50 per order. All Arm Bands are non-transferrable. Anyone who attempts to transfer arm bands risk losing their Ticket privileges without a refund.