Web Site E-Ticket Update For Rock Fest 2014:You are now able to set up your very own unique member profile during your purchase process, which makes purchasing tickets with us fast and easy. Some of the major benefits are:

  • View/Print your order summary at home
  • View/Print your tickets at home
  • Update your profile information as it changes such as address/phone/email and see your order history!

VIP GOLD SEATS give you the best Rock Fest experience and perks at the best price! 

VIP Gold seats are the first 10 rows in section B, the first 8 rows in sections A and D. There are a limited number of VIP Gold seats still available. If you want VIP Gold Seats....just pick the box below and we will assign the best available VIP Gold Seats.

By popular demand from the fans of Rock Fest, we have added the following VIP GOLD Ticket Option – When you purchase a 4 Day VIP GOLD ticket you are reserving one seat for all 4 days. You can now get your ticket where the same person will use the seat all 4 days OR you have the option of receiving 4 Single Day VIP GOLD tickets – 1 for Thursday - 1 for Friday - 1 for Saturday - 1 for Sunday. So you can pick your day(s) and your friend can use the seat the other day(s). If you prefer the (4) 1 Day VIP GOLD ticket option you MUST specify when placing your order from Chippewa Valley Music Festivals or a 4 day VIP GOLD ticket will be issued. There will be a $30.00 charge to change to the 1 day VIP GOLD option at a later date.


  • $475.00 7/18/13 - 2/21/14
  • $500.00 2/22/14 - 4/22/14
  • $525.00 4/23/14 - 6/3/14
  • $550.00 6/4/14 - 7/15/14
  • $610.00 7/16/14 Gate Price (Includes Tax)

VIP GOLD tickets are selling fast!  So make sure you get yours and all the perks of VIP GOLD tickets.  Order yours today by calling our toll free number at 1-800-326-3378 for availability, and to place your order. You can also order Rock Fest tickets online - easily and securely, however to reserve specific seats please call our office. If you order online, we will assign the best seats available when we receive your completed order. If you would like a certain section please write you request in the comments area on the order form.

VIP GOLD Tickets Include All This! - Up front reserved seat - Up front picture taking at your leisure - VIP GOLD Parking - Great mouth watering Lunch and Dinner at the Rock Fest Café - Various Beverages which include bottled water, iced tea, milk, coffee, soft drinks, real wine spritzers and tap beer - Convenient cash bar for those who prefer cocktails. When you arrive at the Entrance Gate, you will be asked for your VIP GOLD Ticket. The attendant will tear the bottom portion off in exchange for your 4 Day General Admission Armband and give the top portion of your VIP Ticket back to you. Your 4 Day arm band will allow you access to the concert area through any gate. If you need to get a VIP Parking Sticker, you must tell the attendant and have them place your 4 Day VIP Parking Sticker to the top left hand side of your windshield at this time. (IMPORTANT:Your VIP parking portion of your ticket is included in the top portion of your VIP ticket. You must get your VIP 4 Day Parking Sticker at the main gate at the time they take the top portion of your ticket and attach your arm band). After entering the concert area, you can go to the VIP Ticket Booth (which is located to the right of the stage and is clearly marked as the VIP Booth) and exchange the VIP portion (bottom portion) of your ticket for your 4 Day VIP GOLD arm band. (Your 4 Day VIP arm band will allow you access to your seat in the VIP area and access to your Meals and Beverages in the VIP Café).

All Orders, Add Sales Tax of 5.5% Add Handling Fee of $8.50 per order We offer E-Ticket! What does this mean? All your Tickets can be sent by E-Mail and you can print them off at your leisure. If you do not have an E-Mail address, you can always send them by Certified Mail for an extra $10.50 per order. Maximum of 15 VIP Tickets per household. There will be a $30.00 charge to change your seat location(s) or to change to the 1 day VIP option any time after you place your initial order. All Arm Bands are non-transferrable. Anyone who attempts to transfer arm bands risk losing their VIP privileges without a refund.