An American Heavy & Dirty, No-Pussyfooting Rock N Roll Four Piece based out of Minneapolis, Mn.

VIA is getting national recognition due to their recent status change to a "National Recorded and Touring Artist". VIA hit the road in late 2015 with Buckcherry, Soil, Full Devil Jacket, Psychostick, Silvertung, Vajra, Beyond Threshold & Bridge To Grace; and they continue to stretch their reach playing in over 17 states in 2016 alone. This has ultimately all led to more radio spins and even more national press since their debut release of "Sanitize This" through Pavement Entertainment - August 2015.

They've been stated as staggering back and forth between Rock and Heavy Metal. An energetic, chaotic masterpiece on stage. Boys in love with their toys.

VIA formed in the Summer of 2013 and they have since brought back the Balls of Rock And Rock with their Gritty Songs, High Energy and in your Face Live Performances. The members include: J - Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist, Evo - Lead Guitarist & Backup Vocalist, Ben - Drums/Percussion, and Sam - Bassist & Backup Vocalist. All members hail from the Twin Cities where they’ve built this unstoppable, musical machine


24447 County Hwy S Cadott, WI 54727
(800) 326 3378 |
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