The GooDBarS are Minneapolis' premier all original punk n roll band. Formed in 2007, the band quickly gained recognition in awesomeness. They have a knack for blending the elements of the 70's and 80's musical sensibilities with the swagger of cock-rock charm. Not to be dismissed, the band has a great original live set that usually features a rendition of some classic old tune that has inspired all of its members to get into this crazy act called rock. Song writing subjects include the devil, motorcycles ‘n cars, boozing ‘n losing and of course women, sex, drugs and rock n roll. The GooDBarS blend the grumbling, growling vocals of RJ on top of the great guitar duel of John and Michael as well as the excellent rhythm section of Bart and Todd.

The band comes from various backgrounds and past bands; The Nixon Pupils, The Squabs, Mile One, Flesh Cafe, The Straight Six, The Coup De Grace, The 221's, Factory Black. They all have a passion for good music and fine dining. This band formed in November of 2007, when after an exhaustive search for a frontman was completed with the addition of Rj. The members were on the brink of calling it quits when he came in for an audition. Things went well, interests were similar and he was asked back the following week. When he came back in he had lyrics for the song "Straight to Hell". Members were so impressed that the auditions were over right there and then. A frontman was secured for the job, but a name for the band wouldn’t get hashed out until Bart, the band’s drummer, came up with the GooDBarS name. "I was thinking of the movie, Looking for Mr. Goodbars, when I thought of it. I had this idea that it would make us dark, mysterious, based on the films subject matter. Instead, no-ones gets me". Thus was born, The, on to world domination.


24447 County Hwy S Cadott, WI 54727
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