Probable Cause is one of the Chippewa Valley's premier party bands! With an energetic mix of old rock, new rock, a little country... and everything in between, our song selections keep the venue full, the people dancing and singing, and the party going all night long!

We have provided entertainment for festivals, weddings, birthday parties, county fairs, benefits, and local bars and clubs of all sizes!

We actively promote our events and will work with you to get your message out.

David Czysz, the front man and organizer for the band, has the respect of musicians, agents, and clients for his professionalism and dependability. He also takes the time to walk the crowd before, during and after the performance to involve everyone. The entire band engages the crowd and does their best to make the night about everyone having a great time!

The band has a diverse resume, from early formal training, training with local professional artists, and opening for national acts to last minute filling in with other bands. This varied musical background makes each of them well rounded musicians. They know what it takes to put in the work and deliver a remember it (with a smile) in the morning show!

Probable Cause LIVE is second to none. Did we mention that having an engaged audience is our top priority? We love to play and it is contagious! We play every song like it was our own. We have fun with the people in the crowd and have many return patrons who follow us show to show to enjoy our "PC" version of fun...

Check out PC's live video recordings on our website and Facebook page as well as Youtube. All recordings are unaltered and exactly what you get live..gotta love that!!! Come see us and see what everyone is talking about!!!

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