He-Nis-Ra was brought together by the two founding members Alex Landwehr and Ben Misikin back in 2005 in high school. After Alex's brother Henry came back from serving overseas, he picked up the bass in 2007 and dedicated himself to learning the music Ben and Alex were so passionate about. After what seemed like thousands of singers and tailoring their music to them, they finally found the singer they had been looking for in January 2014, singer/songwriter Joe Angus. In the summer of 2014 Jason Weister (a longtime friend of Ben) was brought into the mix for much needed rhythm guitar. They have defined their style to be what was originally intended, which is an intense yet melodic hard rock sound that is versatile to accommodate the influences of all the members. They strive for excellence in their music and professionalism with their business. They do it only for the love of it all.


24447 County Hwy S Cadott, WI 54727
(800) 326 3378 | info@rock-fest.com
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