NIVRANA was born out of the desire to bring the music and memories from the early 90s back to the present. NIVRANA is for fans, because it’s founded by fans. We bring authentic Nirvana to music venues, bars, outdoor events, festivals and fairs so fans can relive one of the greatest eras of in the history of music.

The tribute band NIVRANA is for the the people who love the music of Nirvana but who never got the chance to see one of their sets live, or want to experience the live music once again. Based in the Midwest, the tribute to the iconic grunge band brings the songs of Nirvana to fans throughout the region and the country.

The NIVRANA setlist contains all the famous tracks from the grunge trio – hits such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Drain You, Heart Shaped Box, You Know You’re Right, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Territorial Pissings and many, many more. NIVRANA uses the same stage props, instruments, equipment and flair, offering the closest live concert experience that you’ll see anywhere. Bring your friends.